District Blindness Control Society: GOAL:- To reduce the prevalence of blindness from 1% to 0.3 % by 2020
  • To reduce the backlog of blindness through identification and treatment of blind at primary, secondary and tertiary levels based on assessment of the overall burden of visual impairment in the country.
  • Develop and strengthen the strategy of NPCB for "Eye Health" and prevention of visual impairment; through provision of comprehensive eye care services and quality service delivery.
  • Strengthening the existing and developing additional human resources and infrastructure facilities for providing high quality comprehensive Eye Care.
  • To enhance community awareness on eye care and lay stress on preventive measures.
  • Increase and expand research for prevention of blindness and visual impairment.
  • To secure participation of Voluntary Organizations/Private Practitioners in eye Care.
Causes of Blindness:-
S.No. Cause of Blindness Percentage
1 Cataract 62.6
2 Refractive Errors 19.7
3 Corneal Blindness 0.9
4 Glaucoma 5.8
5 Surgical Complications 1.2
6 Posterior Capsular Opacification 0.9
7 Posterior Segment Disorder 4.7
8 Others 4.19
  • In East Godavari District the District Blindness Control Society is functioning under the Chairmanship of District Collector and monitored by District Medical & Health Officer as a Vice-Chairman and the District Programme Manager as Member Secretary.
  • There are 05 Government Institutions listed under NPCB Programme for implementation of the Eye Care services which includes Government General Hospital, Kakinada and District Hospital, Rajahmundry, area hospital Rampachodavaram, Tuni, and Amalapuram. Out of these at present two are functioning rest of hospitals are not provided sufficient equipment and manpower.
DBCS East Godavari is a browser based system that is designed to monitor the targets and achievements by the DBCS. The citizens can also know the upcoming events and plan accordingly for the checkup.
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